Endocrinology and Women's Health Acupuncture eLearning

Foundational Chinese Medicine Theory

Earn your CPD accreditation with our advanced eLearning course based on the latest industry research.


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Key eLearning outcomes

15 CPD CEU PDA points

Course requirements

Level: Clinicians looking to specialise in hormone health

All applicants are required to:

  • have up to date medical malpractice insurance
  • be current members of a recognised healthcare board

Professionals allied to medicine may be considered.

eCourse overview

This interactive training course is designed for clinicians looking to specialise in hormonal health.

The eLearning course offers unique frameworks, tools and guides to help define the strategies to thrive in this vital industry.

These new tools reflect the growing demand for innovations and wellbeing in women’s health.

Participants will engage via our online eLearning portal and gain access to world-class research. You will have the opportunity to learn, reflect and integrate this specialism seamlessly into practice.

eLearning course feedback

This course covers

  1. Introduction to TCM theory
    • Yin – Yang Theory
    • Vital substances
    • Blood
    • Body fluids
    • Shen
  2. Internal Organs
    • In relation to female health
    • 8 Extraordinary vessels
    • 5 Element theory
  3. TCM theory and the female reproductive system
    • Internal viscera and female health
    • Extraordinary vessels and female health
    • TCM in relation to female reproductive physiology
  1. Developmental & reproductive life-cycle of a woman in TCM
  2. The Menstrual Cycle
  3. Menopause and TCM
  4. Major causes of disease
    • External and internal factors
    • Influential factors on health

Meet the course creator

Archna is a specialist practitioner in the field of Women’s Health and female fertility issues and has extensive expertise in the treatment of stress and stress-related conditions.

Archna Patel