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Blueprint to a Better You

Join up with Natalie Robertson to find a path to a better you... In this course, Natalie shares her extensive clinical and personal experiences fused with some of the latest scientific approaches in wellness, self-care and positive psychology to bring you a framework for boosting your happiness and creating meaningful life - Game changers.

Facial Lifting Everyday Exercises

Facial Lifting Everyday Exercises – Join up with Dr John Tsagaris, who shares a secrets from over 25 years of experience, practicing, teaching and researching rejuvenation and aesthetics to A-list celebrities and in top medical spa's worldwide, through a step-by-step lifestyle course. Let him guide you through his easy to-follow daily skincare routine with simple facial exercises to plump your skin, lift & rejuvenate the face. See the results for yourself. This self-treatment is great for all ages, men and women alike. It is an exciting new way to combine looking after your skin & encouraging your self-care.  

Free 3-in-1 Wellness eGuide

Free 3-in1 Wellness eGuide – This lifestyle course is designed to support your mental & physical wellness goals. It is the first step in supporting your healthy lifestyle program, giving you activities that encourage and support healthy behaviours in your everyday life. You get a basic-done for you health program to positively transform your health and self-care, and we’ll introduce you to some fundamental wellness concepts to kick off our wellness journey.  

Linking Awareness Discovery

Linking Awareness Discovery – Join-up with Loesje Jacob as you discover a deep journey into the experience of heart-brain integration, intercellular and non-verbal communication. Designed for the expansion of consciousness, the development of non-verbal communication & the exploration of your six (or more) subtle senses. Once you have completed this foundation course, you will gain access to the follow-on 3-day in-person Linking Awareness Journey. These retreat style seminars are offered at exquisite locations around the world.  


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