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Get the skills, knowledge, and tools you need, from skincare to mindfulness, designed to enrich

Get the skills, knowledge, and tools you need, from skincare to mindfulness, designed to enrich

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Blueprint to a Better You

Join up with Natalie Robertson to find a path to a better you... In this course, Natalie shares her extensive clinical and personal experiences fused with some of the latest scientific approaches in wellness, self-care and positive psychology to bring you a framework for boosting your happiness and creating meaningful life - Game changers.

Facial Lifting Everyday Exercises

Facial Lifting Everyday Exercises – Join up with Dr John Tsagaris, who shares a secrets from over 25 years of experience, practicing, teaching and researching rejuvenation and aesthetics to A-list celebrities and in top medical spa's worldwide, through a step-by-step lifestyle course. Let him guide you through his easy to-follow daily skincare routine with simple facial exercises to plump your skin, lift & rejuvenate the face. See the results for yourself. This self-treatment is great for all ages, men and women alike. It is an exciting new way to combine looking after your skin & encouraging your self-care.  

Linking Awareness Discovery

Linking Awareness Discovery – Join-up with Loesje Jacob as you discover a deep journey into the experience of heart-brain integration, intercellular and non-verbal communication. Designed for the expansion of consciousness, the development of non-verbal communication & the exploration of your six (or more) subtle senses. Once you have completed this foundation course, you will gain access to the follow-on 3-day in-person Linking Awareness Journey. These retreat style seminars are offered at exquisite locations around the world.  

Wellness – Breathwork – The Science

Breathwork: The Science – Join this two-hour course, to learn in-depth anatomy of breathing, and mechanics. Get powerful visual tools to understand the role of breath in calming anxiety, the vagus nerve and neurotransmitters associated with controlled breathing exercises.

After an in-depth look at the science of breathing, fall in love with the art of breathing, with simple breathing exercises designed for beginners. By exploring the scientific complexities, we come back to the mind-body connection and how simple breathing practices can create profound change every day.


Wellness – Developing a Growth Mindset

Developing a Growth Mindset – Developing a growth mindset allows individuals to realise their potential, increase resilience and achieve success. A growth mindset can unlock your capacity to learn, grow and thrive – regardless of your current abilities or skill level.

In this course, you’ll learn the differences between a fixed and growth mindset. You’ll then explore how a growth mindset can benefit you and your goals. Finally, uncover specific strategies to develop a growth mindset – and expand your possibilities.

Wellness – Healing Power Of Human Connection

Healing Power of Human Connection – Dr. Vivek Murthy, the 19th surgeon general of the United States and author of ‘Together: The Healing Power of Human Connection in a Sometimes Lonely World’, discusses the dangers of loneliness, and the power of social connection to improve our lives and health.

So, what is loneliness? Why do we feel lonely? And what can you do to combat loneliness? In this course, you’ll learn the answers to these questions along with evidence-based tips for building a more connected life and world

Wellness – How To Create An Employee Wellness Program

How to Create an Employee Wellness Program: A Step-by-Step Guide – Why is good employee health critical to your business, and how do you protect everyone’s mental, physical and emotional well-being?

In this course, we’ll guide you through each step of the creation process to equip you with all the necessary tools for a successful employee wellness programme. By the end, you’ll have a solid grasp of the strategies behind a comprehensive approach to workplace well-being - and why they work.

Wellness – Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome – Impostor syndrome is a type of chronic self-doubt that causes us to feel like we’re inadequate, despite evidence showing otherwise. The result is that we become our own worst enemy – selling ourselves short and hurting our workplace performance.

In this course, you’ll learn to define impostor syndrome and determine whether it’s something you’re experiencing. Then, you’ll learn how impostor syndrome holds you back as well as six strategies to face your insecurities head-on.

Wellness – Breathe

Breathe – Breathwork is a free, fast, and efficient way to see positive results in both physical and mental health. Before we move on to specific breathing techniques, it is important to understand the physical mechanism and process more clearly.

In this course you will learn science-based breathing techniques for your body, mind, emotions and soul. Explore the benefits of breathing, and get 4 beginners breathing exercises.

Wellness – Re-envisioning the Ageing Process

Re-envisioning the Ageing Process – Neuroscientist Daniel Levitin wrote ‘Successful Aging’ to share the latest research on ageing and help people live longer, healthier and happier lives.

In this course, you’ll learn strategies for optimal aging. First, you’ll explore the impact of personality on ageing, along with how to improve your outlook. Then, Levitin reveals best practices for eating, exercising and sleeping, including how to optimise your time each day. Finally, you’ll discover the benefits of staying engaged at work and with people in your later years.

Wellness – Thinking Outside the Brain

Thinking Outside the Brain – Renowned science writer Annie Murphy Paul, author of the book ‘The Extended Mind: The Power of Thinking Outside the Brain’, she shares how a host of extra-neural resources can help us focus more effectively, comprehend more deeply, and create more imaginatively.

In this course, discover practical strategies for improving your cognition with three outside-the-brain resources: your body, surroundings, and relationships.

Wellness – 7 Go-To Strategies To Tame Stress

7 Go-To Strategies to Tame Stress – Stress is inevitable, yet many of us struggle to cope effectively when we encounter stressful situations. We resort to unhealthy outlets like procrastinating or overeating – typically making our problems worse. 

Most of us know that managing stress in a healthy way benefits our well-being, relationships, job performance, and more. But how do we get there? In this course, you’ll learn to tame stress by first understanding the difference between healthy and unhealthy coping strategies. Then, you’ll learn techniques that can help you relieve stress and regain control. 

Wellness – Dealing With Stress Pressure – Burnout

Dealing With Stress, Pressure and Burnout – This course will help you define stress, pressure, and burnout, recognising the unique ways they show up for you. You’ll be able to evaluate your work and lifestyle to identify opportunities for healing. You’ll also get valuable strategies to manage the effects of stress, pressure and burnout.

By the end of the course, you’ll have a clearer understanding of how these forces affect you – and what you can do about it.

Wellness – Coping With Workplace Change

Coping With Workplace Change – In this course, you’ll explore five common reactions to change and identify your emotions. From there, you’ll learn four strategies to embrace change, roll with the punches and focus on the things within your control.

While you can’t always predict or prevent change, you can manage your response.

Wellness – Stay Relevant, Re-invent Yourself & Thrive

Stay Relevant, Re-invent Yourself & Thrive – In a world of constant change and technological advancement, how can individuals and organisations adapt, innovate and succeed? . This question is at the heart of the course, based on the book ‘Never Stop Learning: How to Stay Relevant, Reinvent Yourself, and Thrive’ written by UNC Business School professor Bradley Staats. You’ll learn about the psychological biases that trap us in old ways of thinking, along with tips to overcome them. You’ll also explore simple strategies to expand your skills and become a more dynamic learner who excels in the modern world.

Wellness – Science of Effective Listening

Science of Effective Listening – In 'You’re Not Listening: What You’re Missing and Why It Matters', author Kate Murphy shares the latest research on effective listening.

In this course, you’ll learn strategies for improving listening skills. First, you’ll discover how our brains respond when we’re engaged in conversation. You’ll then get best practices for effective listening, including creating the right environment, engaging curiosity, supporting – rather than shifting – the conversation, and embracing silence.

Wellness – The Basics Of Managing Stress

The Basics Of Managing Stress – Do you often feel overwhelmed and exhausted? We all deal with stressful situations at times, but chronic stress is damaging. Keeping stress under control helps maintain your energy, motivation and health.

In this course, you’ll learn the basics of managing stress. First, you’ll discover what stress is and how your body responds to it. Then, you’ll learn common stress triggers and how to manage them.

Wellness – Hidden Workings of the Human Brain

Hidden Workings of the Human Brain – As a distinguished professor, psychologist, and neuroscientist, Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett wrote ‘Seven and a Half Lessons About the Brain’ to make the top findings in neuroscience more accessible to everyday audiences. Consider this your crash course on the hidden workings of the brain. In it, you’ll explore mind-expanding answers to questions about human nature.

Wellness – Tame Negative Self Talk

Tame Negative Self Talk – Humans have a unique capacity for introspection – looking inward and examining their thoughts and feelings. We use this power to imagine, remember, and reflect. But psychologist and neuroscientist Dr. Ethan Kross says there is a darker side to introspection.

Research-based tools allow us to break free from harmful negative cycles. In this course, you’ll learn to lower the volume on the tyrannical inner critic and harness the true power of your inner voice.

Wellness – Reach Your Potential

Reach Your Potential – Where does endurance come from, and can we increase it to perform beyond our limits? Those are the questions Olympic-class runner turned award-winning journalist Alex Hutchinson tackles in this course.

Learn how limits aren’t as rigid as they seem – and how we can push beyond perceived performance barriers. Discover why limits are an illusion and how to stretch through yours with new techniques.

Wellness – Hidden Benefits Of Delusion

Hidden Benefits of Delusion – Shankar Vedantam is the host and executive editor of the ‘Hidden Brain’ podcast and radio show and author of the 2010 book of the same title. His new book, co-written with Bill Mesler, is ‘Useful Delusions: The Power and Paradox of the Deceiving Brain’.

In this course, Vedantam explores his observations on delusion from various perspectives and disciplines, including medicine, psychology, and economics. What do Santa Claus, pregame rituals, and optimism have in common? They are all beneficial delusions.

Wellness – What Shapes Our Perception

What Shapes Our Perception?Dr. Jennifer L. Eberhardt, author of ‘Biased: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice That Shapes What We See, Think, and Do’, probes the workings of our brain to discover how implicit biases form and influence our everyday decisions. In this course, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how bias has come to shape so much of what we think and believe – despite our conscious awareness or deliberate intentions. More importantly, you’ll learn how to interrupt and transform biased behaviour with a single step.

Free Self-care tools (PDF Downloads)

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Free Self-care Toolkit 01 – Hacks for Women

Self-care Hacks for Women – Practicing self-care is not just a luxury, and so much more than a once off face mask. As we recover from the chaos of the pandemic and find our rhythm in an increasingly fast paced world, it’s more important than ever to prioritise the little things that mean the most to us. In this eGuide, you’ll learn scientifically backed ways to join the self-care revolution that makes you feel good mentally, physically and energetically.

Free Self-care Toolkit 02 – Hacks for Entrepreneurs

Hacks for Entrepreneurs - Entrepreneurship can be challenging. With everything on your plate, it’s easy to ignore your own needs. It is easy to prioritise the nurturing of your business, whilst, forgetting to nurture yourself. Yet, many studies have shown that mental, physical health is linked to better productivity and creative thinking. This eGuide is designed for you to explore different self-care tips to easily implement & support your goals both personally and professionally.

Free Self-care Toolkit 03 – Hacks for Men

Self-care Hacks for Men – ”Life isn’t about getting a good hand; it’s about playing well with the hand you are dealt.” Practicing self-care is not just a luxury and not just for the elite, and whilst there are no quick “fixes”, there are tools available to make meaningful changes. In this eGuide, you’ll learn simple, scientifically backed ways to make incremental changes that will enable you to feel better mentally, physically and energetically.

Free Self-care Toolkit 04 – Create Your Own Daily Activity Checklist

Create Your Own – For those of you who know your own habits, or wish to personally curate your own checklist. Feel free to download this checklist, and dedicate some time to nurturing your health and self fulfilment. These are a small taster of what our experienced team of healthcare experts help you achieve in our wellness courses.

Free Self-care Toolkit 05 – Assessment Tool

Self-care Assessment – The Self-Care Assessment asks you to consider how frequently, or how well, you are performing various self-care activities. This worksheet is designed to help you reflect on your current self-care practices, recognize areas where they could improve, and generate ideas for new self-care activities that you may enjoy.

Free Self-care Toolkit 06 – Strategic Roadmap

Self-care Roadmap – There is no “one-size-fits-all” self-care plan, however, there is a common thread to all self-care plans: making a commitment to ‘show-up’ to all areas of your life, including your physical and psychological health, emotional and spiritual needs, and your relationships. Once you have completed some of the tools previously described, the next step is to implement your plan and keep track of how you are doing. Use this sheet to support your progress.

Free Self-care Toolkit 07 – Daily Action Plan

Self-care Daily Action Plan – Incorporating effective self-care routines is vital to nurturing our wellness. This course is designed to encourage you to acknowledge your self-care accomplishments. Download the Daily Action Plan worksheet, and see if you can increase your daily self-care routines, naturally..

Free Self-care Toolkit 08 – Daily Activity Checklist

Self-care Daily Activity Checklist – Are you feeling the best you can feel? This question is at the heart of our free self-care resources. Use our pre-populated self-care checklists as part of your own personal self-care journey. This resource has been carefully crafted, drawing from healthcare experts and scientific research, revealing simple habits and self-care hacks for a better quality of life. These are a small taster of what our experienced team of healthcare experts help you achieve in our wellness courses.

Free Self-care Toolkit 09 – Free Growth Mindset Planner

Free Growth Mindset Planner – The purpose of practicing growth mindset activities is to cultivate behaviours that will help you reach your dream goals. In addition to your daily activities, take a little time to learn more about the growth mindset and the skills that help to support your growth, through our Growth Mindset course.

Tools to nurture your mental and physical health

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