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Courses designed for business professionals looking for accelerated paths to business mastery through improved foundational skills

Courses designed for business professionals looking for accelerated paths to business mastery through improved foundational skills

Premium eCourses

Blueprint to a Better You

Join up with Natalie Robertson to find a path to a better you... In this course, Natalie shares her extensive clinical and personal experiences fused with some of the latest scientific approaches in wellness, self-care and positive psychology to bring you a framework for boosting your happiness and creating meaningful life - Game changers.

Linking Awareness Discovery

Linking Awareness Discovery – Join-up with Loesje Jacob as you discover a deep journey into the experience of heart-brain integration, intercellular and non-verbal communication. Designed for the expansion of consciousness, the development of non-verbal communication & the exploration of your six (or more) subtle senses. Once you have completed this foundation course, you will gain access to the follow-on 3-day in-person Linking Awareness Journey. These retreat style seminars are offered at exquisite locations around the world.  

Facial Lifting Everyday Exercises

Facial Lifting Everyday Exercises – Join up with Dr John Tsagaris, who shares a secrets from over 25 years of experience, practicing, teaching and researching rejuvenation and aesthetics to A-list celebrities and in top medical spa's worldwide, through a step-by-step lifestyle course. Let him guide you through his easy to-follow daily skincare routine with simple facial exercises to plump your skin, lift & rejuvenate the face. See the results for yourself. This self-treatment is great for all ages, men and women alike. It is an exciting new way to combine looking after your skin & encouraging your self-care.  

Free 3-in-1 Wellness eGuide

Free 3-in1 Wellness eGuide – This lifestyle course is designed to support your mental & physical wellness goals. It is the first step in supporting your healthy lifestyle program, giving you activities that encourage and support healthy behaviours in your everyday life. You get a basic-done for you health program to positively transform your health and self-care, and we’ll introduce you to some fundamental wellness concepts to kick off our wellness journey.  

Personnel Mastery – Sales Fundamentals

Sales Fundamentals – Whether you’re a seasoned salesperson or brand new to the field, you need to know the basics. These fundamentals lay the foundation for a successful sales career.

You’ll start this course with an overview of what sales is and how ethics impact the business-customer relationship. You’ll then review communication in sales, typical sales processes and helpful tools that boost productivity. By the end of the course, you’ll have a solid understanding of the basics of sales.

Personnel Mastery – The Ultimate Sales Prospecting Guide

The Ultimate Sales Prospecting Guide – Every sale depends on a buyer. But where do you find that buyer? And how do you create interest – not aggravation – once you’ve found them? The answer is prospecting.

In this course, you’ll learn what prospecting is and how to use it to target the right people and foster productive relationships. Then, you’ll learn to connect with potential buyers through winning techniques like cold calling, warm calling, and social selling – all while watching out for the competition.

Personnel Mastery – Hidden Workings of the Human Brain

Hidden Workings of the Human Brain – As a distinguished professor, psychologist, and neuroscientist, Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett wrote ‘Seven and a Half Lessons About the Brain’ to make the top findings in neuroscience more accessible to everyday audiences. Consider this your crash course on the hidden workings of the brain. In it, you’ll explore mind-expanding answers to questions about human nature.

Personnel Mastery – Optimising Customer Communication Across Channels

Optimising Customer Communication Across Channels – You’ll start this course by reviewing different types of customer communication channels. Then, dive deeper into four channels, exploring strategies to optimise customer communications. Then, learn ways to seamlessly switch between channels and even incorporate multiple channels into an overarching strategy.

Personnel Mastery – Beyond Pride: Year-Round Action

Beyond Pride: Year-Round Action – Every June, Pride Month offers a chance for celebration and equal rights activism for the LGBTQ+ community and their allies.

But what happens when the rainbow-themed window displays and social media filters are put away? How do we remain authentic supporters of LGBTQ+ rights and honour the community for the rest of the year? This course will help.

Personnel Mastery – Cultural Sensitivity in Customer Service

Cultural Sensitivity in Customer Service – Every day, businesses interact with people across a variety of cultures – from the call centre employee taking complaints from across the globe to the barista taking orders from a customer in front of them. These exchanges can strengthen or ruin a business deal.

In this course, explore the benefits of cultural sensitivity and get practical tools to excel in cross-cultural communication and customer service. These skills help create connections amid differences, an understanding of cultural cues and respect for cultures different from our own.

Personnel Mastery – Build the Ultimate Sales Presentation Slide Deck

Build the Ultimate Sales Presentation Slide Deck – Think of the best presentation you ever attended. Can you name one thing that made it great? In this course, you’ll learn best practices for slide content and design to develop pitch decks that enhance your sales presentations – not aggravate your audience.

Personnel Mastery – Your Comprehensive Email Marketing Guide

Your Comprehensive Email Marketing Guide – Email marketing consistently ranks among the most reliable digital marketing strategies for generating revenue, retaining customers, and building brand loyalty.

This course teaches you what email marketing is, why it’s critical, and how it’s done. We begin with strategies for creating an email marketing campaign, segmenting your audience, and using email automation. Then, we’ll tackle how to write and design engaging emails, avoid spam filters, and analyse results.

Personnel Mastery – Next Level Customer Service Skills

Next Level Customer Service Skills – Whether you’re new to customer service or a veteran looking for fresh strategies, this course teaches critical skills that will take your customer service game to the next level.

Learn valuable customer service strategies, how to effectively work with different customer personality types, advice for recognising and overcoming empathy fatigue – common sign of stress in customer service roles – and tips for helping customers troubleshoot issues and make them feel valued.

Personnel Mastery – Customer and Market Research

Customer and Market Research – Understanding your audience’s needs, problems and choices in the market helps you reach them with a targeted message that makes it impossible for them to choose any brand but yours. It’s not magic – it’s customer and market research.

You’ll begin this course by defining useful research sources and types. Then, explore how to use research to identify and segment your market – and scoop your competitors’ place in it. Finally, you’ll learn to use your hard-won insights to thrive in the market you’ve chosen.

Personnel Mastery – Cultivating Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging at Work

Cultivating Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging at Work – When it comes to innovation, creativity and problem-solving, research consistently shows that diverse workforces perform better. But, for diversity to work, every employee must feel included. They need to have a seat at the table and know that they and their opinions matter.

In this course, we’ll first define what’s meant by diversity, inclusion and belonging. You’ll then learn how to attract and retain diverse talent through belonging moments, allyship and ongoing quantification.

Personnel Mastery – Closing the Deal: Negotiation Strategies to Increase Sales

Closing the Deal: Negotiation Strategies to Increase Sales – Effective sales negotiation is like a dance: Sellers must read their partners, synchronize movements, and know when to lead versus when to follow.

In this course, you’ll learn how to master the art of sales negotiation. First, you’ll identify the goals, prerequisites, and stages for entering a negotiation. You’ll then walk through five essential sales negotiation techniques. Finally, you’ll explore how to counter common buyer negotiation tactics and close the deal.

Personnel Mastery – Psychology Tips That Unlock Sales

Psychology Tips That Unlock Sales – Psychology is the science of mind, motivation, and behaviour. Thus, it’s a useful tool for salespeople.

In this course, you’ll learn what motivates people to make purchases, how to read body language to interpret what’s unsaid, and how to sell to different personality types. You’ll also discover how to master your own mind with tips to deal with common side effects of sales work – stress and rejection.

The result? You’ll know yourself and your customers better, giving you the resilience and outlook to build strong connections and clinch deals.

Personnel Mastery – Working Across Cultures

Working Across Cultures – To work effectively with people from different cultures, you need to be aware of cultural differences. In this course, we'll take a look at some of those differences and how to interact with people who are on the opposite side of the cultural spectrum.  

Personnel Mastery – How to Attract & Retain Top Talent

How to Attract & Retain Top Talent – A business is only as good as the people who work there. So how do you make sure you find and keep the best people? In this course, you’ll learn all the stages of talent management – from recruiting to transition. You’ll also discover ways to connect and develop relationships that benefit both the business and the talent you hire.

Personnel Mastery – Marketing Fundamentals

Marketing Fundamentals – Marketing can be a massive, complicated, multi-faceted process.

In this course, we’ll solve that dilemma – beginning with defining what marketing is and what makes something marketable. We’ll then cover four key marketing elements and how to create a marketing plan. You’ll learn to assess where you are and where you want to go, and to identify your marketing audience. Finally, actionable takeaways will help you select marketing tactics and choose analytics to track your results.

Personnel Mastery – Connecting With Your Audience

Connecting With Your Audience – A good sales presentation focuses on the audience: their needs, feelings and familiarity with your product or service. Moreover, you need to know how they define success so you can demonstrate how you’ll help them achieve it.

In this course, you’ll follow along with one sales team member, Grace Kim, who’s facing this same problem. Through her story, you’ll learn how to tailor your presentation to your audience and win their business.

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