Chinese Acupuncture eLearning

Foundation of Needling (FoN)

This eLearning course has been created by Chinese Acupuncture specialist, Fanyi Meng Dr. #test


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Key eLearning outcomes

25 CPD points

Course requirements

Level: Designed for all healthcare practitioners looking to progress their career and learn fundamental knowledge of acupuncture needling

All applicants are required to:

  • have up to date medical malpractice insurance
  • be current members of a recognised healthcare board

Professionals allied to medicine may be considered.

eCourse overview

This eLearning course has been designed to offer participants a strong foundational knowledge and understanding of acupuncture and needling in a clinical setting.

You will explore different needling techniques and learn the gold standards of clinical practice.

The eCourse is packed with audio, visual and interactive scenarios preparing you for the follow-on practical training and is designed by industry-specialist, Fanyi Meng (Dr. CM).

eLearning course feedback

This course covers

  1. Brief history of acupuncture
  2. Learn the nature and purpose of needling
  3. Performing acupuncture safely: guidelines
  4. 4 Models for planning a procedure
  5. Understand the different schools of needling
  6. Techniques for assessing female reproductive pathologies
    • TCM
    • Dry needling
    • Trigger point needling
    • Neuro-stimulation needling
    • Electro-stimulation needling
    • Beauty needling
  1. Setting up a suitable work environment
  2. Precautions
  3. The DeQi sensation explained
  4. Post procedure care
  5. Managing risk and expectation
  6. Interactive scenarios
  7. Assessment

Meet the course creators

Fanyi Meng CMD graduated in Beijing Chinese Medicine University in 1983, and moved on to qualify as a Western medical doctor (MD) and Chinese medicine doctor (CMD).

Dr. Fanyi Meng